Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make up course for corporate / working makeup for Panorama Hospitality Management Team =)

Make up for need to be bold and thick...just a little correction here and there....bring out the inner beauty in you...hiding imperfections...and highlighting your best features!

Mini how to put the eyelid tape for hooded eye

I hope it helps....

Oil Testimonials - Young Living

Hi.. I met a very nice Lady called Paola Aguillon-Brashear... from Instagram. 

She is also Young Living independent distributor with alot of sources.

as i step into her websites, there are thousands of testimonials that you can view there..and any questions will have an answer..

Essential oils works differently with every be persistent and consistency is the Key..
never give up..there is ALWAYS something called HOPE...

please visit the Oil Testimonials Website and swim together with me to healthier life!

Best day!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cooling down..putting my dreams into plans..

Hello friends...happy new year 2014! Im so glad that im still able to update my blog... it still alive! Thank God! Hehee... entering a year of 2014 i have so many dreams in my mind ..that im putting them into my plans so happy...excited and thankful that im able to be entrepreneur..thinking about the development of my own business as well as taking care my family...

To be a woman who is full of Curiousity! Never scared to try...and always looking for new things.... thats why my friends all said i have soo many busy-ness running around my life everyday... its:
- makeup
- hairdo
- health : youngliving essential oils
- raindrop therapy
- beauty class private and corporate from makeup to attire....
- siomay jadoel
- "punyaku" personalized label name, giftcard, calendar, hongbao, photobook, instabook..and printing materials
- my eyelashes
- mosquito trap
- babysitting
And many others that i did that many of u wouldnt know, nor expected me to do..hahaaa

Can i focus? Yea i cannnn! Well sometimes not..but..i always tried to cool down whenever i feel exhausted and sleep... to be continued..

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pre wedding makeup for Intan

Self makeup course and day Make up...its light and beautiful..

Soft and natural make up for Lunch ceremoy for her Brother's wedding
Lunch Ceremony Make up for her Brother's Wedding
Without the lipstick yet
My Student looks younger and elegant after self make up course. Still natural..and beautiful
She is has uneven eyelid and her eyes was tiny..but after make up, her eyes looks bigger and rounder. she looks like korean! Self make up course - Singapore
She is Gorgeous and Sexy mom! she doesnt need many corrections but enhancing her beautiful skin and lining the eyes , drawing her eyebrow is an essential for her daily make up =) at Self make up Course Singapore 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Make up for 3 Angels

They were my x colleague from Panorama Tours. This make up session was totally fun and i enjoy doing make over to them... see you again cici2....muacksss
Before I start my Make up, I drop a lemon and peppermint Young Living Essential Oils on my mask to increase creativity and concentration... It Helps!!!