Saturday, May 3, 2014

1 makeup 3 looks

I always love tovexplore with here is my play face today... got lady gaga style... got dora stryle bangs and daily my normal style...which one is better? I like all hehehe

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make up course for corporate / working makeup for Panorama Hospitality Management Team =)

Make up for need to be bold and thick...just a little correction here and there....bring out the inner beauty in you...hiding imperfections...and highlighting your best features!

Mini how to put the eyelid tape for hooded eye

I hope it helps....

Oil Testimonials - Young Living

Hi.. I met a very nice Lady called Paola Aguillon-Brashear... from Instagram. 

She is also Young Living independent distributor with alot of sources.

as i step into her websites, there are thousands of testimonials that you can view there..and any questions will have an answer..

Essential oils works differently with every be persistent and consistency is the Key..
never give up..there is ALWAYS something called HOPE...

please visit the Oil Testimonials Website and swim together with me to healthier life!

Best day!